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About Lorena Ranson

Lorena Ranson is a trained nurse and was a practising midwife from 1989 – 2009. During her studies at Greenwich University, she was so impressed by research on the benefits of therapeutic massage that she went on to specialise in this field.

Lorena qualified in Holistic (Swedish) Massage, with distinction from the Clare Maxwell-Hudson School of Massage, in 2004, and has since trained in Indian head massage, onsite massage and facial massage. Lorena has also trained in deep tissue massage and techniques to relieve back and pelvic pain.

Since qualifying Lorena has worked part-time in two busy London GP practices, at Neals yard Bromley, and in the Hayes beauty spot in Hayes providing massage for patients of all ages, with varying health problems.

Lorena specialises in motherhood massage, and teaches birth partners supportive massage techniques for labour. However, her service is not exclusive to ante and postnatal women

She runs a busy private practice providing holistic massage for clients individually and at events such as conferences, The London Marathon and The Live Earth Concert.


Facebook Reviews

"I thoroughly enjoyed Lorena's treatments during my pregnancy. As an experienced former midwife and skilled massage therapist, I felt very safe in her hands. The treatments were tailored to any specific issue I had and they were always fabulous, leaving me feeling relaxed and recharged. I would recommend Lorena to any mum-to-be."

"I had a massage 2 weeks ago with Lorena and I highly recommend her. She is very professional and knows what she is doing. I was 28 weeks pregnant on the day and the massage was very relaxing and helped me with lower back pain."

"This was so so relaxing and she gave great advice re stretches I could try. Will definitely be booking again! Highly recommend."

"I’ve been seeing Lorena for around a year now and can honestly say she really gives the best massages! She was brilliant when I was pregnant, catering for every ache and pain, listening to my concerns and offering expert advice having been a midwife herself. I now see her frequently after having my daughter, coming to my house in the evenings to suit my routine and it is pure bliss. Her massages are the perfect combination of getting rid of the knots and tight points you get through motherhood but also so so relaxing!! � 5* ++++++"

"Really relaxing and much needed massage - thanks very much"

"Lorena was recommended to me by a friend and I was so glad to have my pregnancy massage at home with her. She instantly made me feel comfortable and spent time with me, both before and after the massage to understand my individual wants and needs. Lorena made me feel relaxed and is very easy going. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others. Thanks for a lovely experience!"

"Fantastic massage from Lorena today, both baby and I loved it and it was soo needed! Can't wait to get booked in again. Would absolutely recommend. Thanks Lorena!"

"I had a pregnancy massage this week and it was lovely and relaxing and I slept like a baby that night!! Just nice to lay on your front after months of avoiding it!"

"I don't know why I haven't asked for Lorena to come around before, I feel so much better with my post labour massage. Lorena is amazing and so is her fairy hands!"

"AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!! Highly recommend. The best pregnancy massage I’ve had.. the pillow with the hole is fab and it was so nice being on my front rather than an awkward side massage. Lorena is fab and really took the time to understand my situation and gave me some great tips!"

"I had a post natal massage in my home. It was a fantastic and thorough massage which got rid of lots of tension in my back, neck and arms. Lorena had a warm manner, made sure I was relaxed and was given brilliant advice on how to prevent future neck/back tension. The massage must have worked as had a nap on the sofa straight after! Thanks Lorena x"

"I had my massage on 30/11 and I booked my next 2 sessions with Lorena straight away. Lorena is a very professional, experienced and knowledgable midwife - she spent time to understand all my medical history (type1 diabetic), sore areas around my body, answer all my pregnancy questions and walk me through the use of massage product and the procedure, which makes me feel I’m in a good hand without a doubt. Not to mention, her amazing massage skill and professional equipments which really mind-blowing - as i love massage and I had tried a number of pregnancy massages, I got to say Lorena is definitely on the top of the list. Her amazing Massage skill along with her midwife qualification is just like icing on a cake! Highly recommended to any expectant mother or mother, I’m sure you will love Lorena as much as I do :-)"

"I didn't realise how desperately I needed a massage until Lorena came and saw me! I am currently pregnant and suffering with PGP, which I had in my previous pregnancy too. Lorena is so knowledgeable about PGP, and being a qualified midwife with years of experience, she was great to talk to and get advice from. She was very professional from start to finish, took all medical history and gave advice regarding PGP and all my aches. It was also nice to be able to be seen in my own home, I feel like I'm always rushing around so it was relaxing having someone come to me! It's the morning after and I feel like a different person, all back and leg ache is gone - I didn't realise how bad it had got until I've woken up this morning and for the first time in months not felt like creaking my bones out of my bed 😂 I have already rebooked for my next massage and passed on Lorena's number to another pregnant friend. I strongly recommend that if you are suffering in pregnancy with aches, pains and creaky bones that you see Lorena!"

"I had a post partem massage last week and was delighted. Lorena is brilliant and really knows her stuff on pregnancy/post partem."

"I have SPD and met Lorena today for the first time and I must say how welcoming and friendly she is! She really made me feel at ease and not silly as some people do when you complain about pregnancy aches & pains. I had a great massage and it helped release all the tension in my neck and lower back. Very good bonus that she is an ex-midwife as she has so much experience and has a lot of much needed information :) I also loved that she talked me through everything she was doing, I will definelty be booking another appointment!"

"Feeling amazing after my pregnancy massage today... I'm 38 weeks pregnant and it was just what I needed � Thank you Lorena xx"

"Lorena was recommend to me by a few other mums. She was very professional, knowledgable and left me feeling very relaxed. I would not hesitate to refer her to my friends and family. Thank you!"

"I had a lovely massage with Lorena. It really help my back and Lorena gave me advise on so many things to do with my pregnancy. I would highly recommend her. Thanks Lorena!"

"I booked a massage at 8pm last night, what a great time to do it just before bed. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and it really did relax me. The pillow which has a gap for your bump is amazing. I actually could lay on my front!"

"I had a fantastic massage with Lorena. She was so friendly and lovely, made me feel at complete ease. We went through exactly what I wanted from my massage and where my pain points were. It was amazing being able to lay on my front for the first time in so long!! I felt so amazing afterwards and she gave me lots of useful tips. Throughly recommend and will certainly be having a post natal massage too! Thank you Lorena �"

"I had my first pregnancy massage with Lorena yesterday at 38 weeks and she left me in such a wonderful state of relaxation! I liked how she did a proper assessment before starting and the couch and her special cushion were so comfortable! Thoroughly recommend it!"

"Had my first massage with Lorena last night (31 weeks) at home. It was amazing...cannot recommend highly enough. Very relaxing, helped dispel my water retention and ease aching back muscles. I look forward to more (already booked in) and also the partner massage for birth. Lorena is lovely and very knowledgeable, being an ex-midwife she can talk through all sorts of things with you and ensures you and baby are safe throughout the treatment. Looking forward to my next one already!"

"Amazing massage from Lorena on Saturday afternoon, so relaxing. It was great to have such a wonderful massage from someone that knows so much about pregnancy. Looking forward to the next one!"

"I had my first prenatal massage with Lorena at 39 weeks and it was one of the best massages I have ever had! I'll definitely be booking in for some post-natal pampering, and maybe even another prenatal if I go overdue!"

"Had a wonderful late pregnancy massage with Lorena this week. She really listens to what you want to get out of it and I was left utterly relaxed and with no aches and pains, which is pretty impressive at over 38 weeks. Highly recommend Lorena to any pregnant ladies! Susan x"

ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage
Trained by Clare Maxwell-Hudson, London
Clinical placement at the Royal Free
Hospital, London
Trained General Nurse and Midwife

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